How to fill empty seats during off-peak hours

Watch a video demonstration of the Social Wi-Fi module in action (from a user's perspective).

As a cafe / restaurant operator, you’ve probably spent a great deal of time (and effort) looking for ways to drive new customers into otherwise empty chairs (during off-peak hours) while simultaneously encouraging existing customers to visit more often.

You’ve probably tried various forms of advertising (branding and direct-response) and have likely tried building a social network following.

You’ve probably also had more disappointments than successes in all of these areas.

What if there was a simple way to grow your customer base through referral word-of-mouth marketing (the best kind) while at the same time increasing customer frequency with customers who are proven to spend 33% more than average?

You probably already know how important Facebook has become as a vehicle for engaging and staying in front of current and prospective customers.

What you probably don’t already know is how to engage them in the first place while getting your current customers to help you spread the word about your business on Facebook.

Facebook (due to its inherently viral nature) is by the far one of the fastest ways to facilitate word-of-mouth marketing. The challenge is in having a system in place that persuades your own customers to help you spread the word.

Introducing (as a solution to the above problem)… Social Wi-Fi.

Social Wi-Fi allows your customers to access your free wi-fi connection by logging in with their Facebook ID...

  • Upon doing so, your customer is asked to post a message to their Facebook wall promoting your business to their Facebook friend connections (in exchange for free wi-fi). The promotional message is pre-formatted and reads… “[Customer name] is enjoying [X] minutes free wi-fi @ [your business name]”.
  • Upon logging in, the customer is then redirected to your Facebook Business Page and prompted to “like” your business on Facebook in exchange for ongoing news and promotional offers (which will be accessible via their Facebook news feed). A single Facebook “like” is worth approximately $174.17 to your business due to a combination of factors including spending, loyalty, recommendations and affinity.


The average Facebook user has 120 “friend connections” according to Facebook. If you had 50 Facebook logins per day, you would reach 6,000 prospective new customers per day (all of whom have a relationship with your customer).

If just 1% of those customers were to patronize your business as a result, you could see 60 new wi-fi hungry customers per day thus creating a viral marketing machine for your business.

In summary…

  • Attract new customers as your current customers log into wi-fi at your business.
  • Increase customer frequency by garnering “Facebook likes” as customer’s access said wi-fi.
  • Increase your average check-size as Facebook Fans spend 33% more than average.

You’re probably asking yourself… how hard is this to set-up? In order to make use of Social Wi-Fi service, you simply need to plug a Social Wi-Fi router into any compatible broadband internet connection.

To get started, simply create a free hotspot administrator account. and proceed to acquire a compatible wireless router from eBay (see our Getting Started video for router specifications).

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will begin to see new customers streaming in the door and existing customers returning more often (and spending more). At the end of the day, like most operators in the hospitality industry, you probably work far too many hours. If you can just fill those empty chairs, you can hire the additional help and start enjoying some much needed time off!